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  • Vita-D-Chlor Dechlorination Tablets

    Dechlorinator Ascorbic Acid TabletCleaner Type:   Ascorbic Acid TabletContainer Capacity:   40 TabletAdditional Information:   Tablet Size 2-5/8 InchFeatures and BenefitsCompact dechlorinator quickly dechlorinates and...

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  • Vita-D-Chlor Dechlorination Powder

    Dechlorinator Ascorbic AcidFeatures and BenefitsCompact dechlorinator quickly dechlorinates and neutralizes pH of released water, Allows water utilities to meet regulations for residual chlorine concentration in released water; Enables contractors to...

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  • Transmate Dechlorinator Kit

    Dechlorinator KitCleaner Type:   Dechlorinator KitAdditional Information:   Size 3 Inch; Includes 2 Inch Venturi, Carrying Bucket, Male x Fire Hydrant Camlock Adapter, Test Strips, Dechlorinating Chemical (One Cup), (2) 4 Foot...

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