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Direct Tapping Machines

  • Reed Direct Tapping Machine

    Reed Direct Tapping Machine

    Tapping MachineFeatures and BenefitsDrill and Tap Water Mains While They Remain Under Pressure; Lightweight Yet Strong, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frames are Easy to Carry and Set Up; Pressure Relieving Valve Allows for a One-Step Operation Making it...

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  • Drill Taps for Direct Tapping Machine

    Drill Taps for Direct Tapping Machine

    Drill TapFeatures and BenefitsDT100 Drill Tap Performs Fast with Six Cutting Edges for Clean Threads; Sharp Point (Tip) for Easy StartsDocumentsManufacturer Catalog PageDrill TapThread Series:   CCDrill Length:   1 InchFeatures and...

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  • Tapping Saddle for Direct Tapping Machine

    Tapping Saddle for Direct Tapping Machine

    Tapping Machine SaddleFeatures and BenefitsPipe Size Specific Saddles for Direct Tapping Projects; Fits Reed's TM1100 Direct Tapping Machine, Along with Mueller Direct Tapping MachinesDocumentsManufacturer Catalog PagePartsTapping Machine...

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  • Tapping Compound

    Tapping Compound

    Tapping CompoundFeatures and BenefitsNew Formula as of September 2016; Fully Synthetic Formula Holds up Well Under Temperature Extremes; Formula Resists Water Washout; Can with Resealable LidDocumentsManufacturer Catalog PageTapping CompoundBase Oil...

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