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Plastic Pipe Tools

  • Scissor Shears.  Scissor Shears

    Scissor Shears

    Scissor ShearItem:   ShearOverall Size:   8.25 Inch LengthMaterial:   Non-Stick (Blade)Used On Item:   ScissorFeatures and BenefitsCuts PE, ABS, PEX, PVC, Conduit, Rubber Hose, Reinforced Vinyl, Cordage, Nylon...

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  • Replacement Blade for Ratchet Shears.  Replacement Blade for RS2 Ratchet Shears Replacement Blade for Ratchet Shears.  Replacement Blade for Ratchet Shears

    Replacement Blade for RS2 Ratchet Shears

    Ratchet Shear BladeItem:   BladeMaterial:   Hardened SteelUsed On Item:   Ratchet ShearUsed On Item Part No:   RS2Features and BenefitsBlade Extends Cutter Life; Blade and Clips in Package; Cuts PE, PP, Pox and...

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  • Ratchet Shears

    Ratchet Shears

    Ratchet ShearFeatures and BenefitsRatchet Shears are Ideal for Cutting PE, PEX, PP and ABS Pipe and Tubing; Smoothest Ratchet Action for Easiest Cuts; Replace or Resharpen Blades for Longer Tool Life and Faster Cuts; Offer the Thinnest Blades with a...

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  • Plastic Pipe Saw

    Plastic Pipe Saw

    Pipe SawFeatures and BenefitsCuts Plastic Pipe; Convenient, Small Size Fits into Toolbox; Die Cast Design of Handle on PPS12 and PPS18 Makes Blade Change Fast and EasyDocumentsManufacturer Catalog PagePipe SawBlade Length:   12 InchOverall...

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