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  • Scissor Shears.  Scissor Shears

    Scissor Shears

    Scissor ShearItem:   ShearOverall Size:   8.25 Inch LengthMaterial:   Non-Stick (Blade)Used On Item:   ScissorFeatures and BenefitsCuts PE, ABS, PEX, PVC, Conduit, Rubber Hose, Reinforced Vinyl, Cordage, Nylon...

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  • Ratchet Shears

    Ratchet Shears

    Ratchet ShearFeatures and BenefitsRatchet Shears are Ideal for Cutting PE, PEX, PP and ABS Pipe and Tubing; Smoothest Ratchet Action for Easiest Cuts; Replace or Resharpen Blades for Longer Tool Life and Faster Cuts; Offer the Thinnest Blades with a...

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